5 of The Highest-Paid Actors on Television and How Much They Earned

We’re sure many of you are curious about how much investment money goes into the pockets of your favorite Hollywood TV stars. This isn’t too surprising considering the massive success of some shows, which warrants a significant payday for its cast members. However, did you know that some of these actors actually earn a similar amount to some film stars? You’d be surprised at how much money they can make every season—the numbers alone are dizzying!

So who among the biggest TV stars earn the most, and just how much do they pocket per episode? Here’s our ranking of the top 5 highest-paid actors on television!

1.Ashton Kutcher – $811,074.28

Following Charlie Sheen’s exit from the show Two and a Half Men, he was replaced by actor Ashton Kutcher. The latter deserves credit for giving the show a much-needed boost. While the sitcom already had quite a following, Kutcher’s casting introduced an entirely new generation of viewers to the program, garnering 15 million regular viewers during its peak. Needless to say, the network had no plans of letting the show go just because one actor decided to quit. While on the show, Kutcher earned close to a million per episode, but he was actually paid much less than what Sheen used to receive.

2.Michael C. Hall – $1,141,737

It’s no secret that Dexter was one of the most popular dark comedies on television during its heyday. While the finale left many fans massively disappointed, including lead actor Michael C. Hall, there’s no denying that it had made an impact on TV programming. Everyone’s favorite serial killer ended up moving to a forest and working as a lumberjack. Nonetheless, Hall had a much happier ending in comparison. After all, he earned over a million dollars in investment money for every episode of the show!

Not a bad exchange, even if he was not too happy about how things were concluded for his character. In an interview, he was asked about what he felt when he first read the final script, and Hall could only reply with “probably sadness.”

3.The Big Bang Theory Cast – $1,187,139

The Big Bang Theory cast filled our nights with laughter in the years the show was on the air. It’s not too surprising that it ended up becoming such a huge hit, considering the degree of talent collected in its ensemble cast. On top of that, there’s no denying the fact that Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar had incredible chemistry with each other. One that warranted over a million for every episode!

It is worth noting that the main cast all said yes to a pay-cut, just to make sure that their co-stars Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik received equal pay.

4.The Cast of FRIENDS – $1,890,978

Before the Big Bang Theory, another ensemble cast made even a million-dollar investment well-worth every penny. The cast of Friends remains active even today and for a good reason. They made such an impact by showing that they were even able to negotiate higher salaries and pay equality for everyone on the cast! No network would have let go of the actors, so they readily got what they were asking for.

While $1 million per episode in today’s numbers might seem meager, consider the fact that they were among the first TV actors to achieve such a feat. It’s quite impressive if you come to think of it.

5.Jerry Seinfeld – $2,364,862

If there ever was a crown when it came to the highest-paid actor in TV, the credit would undoubtedly belong to comedy genius Jerry Seinfeld. He makes millions per episode and continues to receive income through re-runs and syndications. Did you know that he was even offered $5 million per episode just to keep producing more seasons? The actor declined the offer, and he has no regrets about doing so. Seinfeld went out with a bang and still remains one of the most beloved TV shows to ever air.