Music Artists Who Used Songwriting As a Means for Mental Health Stability

With all the stress that our daily lives bring to the table, we often seek solace and find relief in listening to our own personal favorite music. We give credit to the songs that have a way of easing pent-up emotions that we may hold and contribute to our overall mental health stability. In the same light, great songwriters of these songs also find haven in making them. Those in the know say that art and creativity can be helpful means of therapy for mental health because it helps one express thought and feelings. Dancing, listening to music, and art therapy can help people through complex emotions. Creativity helps us connect with other people and can help us improve our degree of self-confidence and self-esteem. As such, musicians channel their feelings and thoughts into writing their masterpieces, keeping their mental health grounded and stable. Here are some famous musicians that we all love to listen to that have found solace in songwriting.

Miley Cyrus

This former teen idol has made giant strides in the music industry over the past decade. Fans from across the globe have seen her mature, coming from the good old Hannah Montana days, into the prolific pop star that she is today.

With her sixth album release back in 2017, she shared how she drew some degree of inspiration from past problems to help her write the songs for the album. In an interview she did for Huffington Post, she said that her songwriting experience for that album was like therapy.

Ed Sheeran

This famous British musician writes a ton of songs to his credit. He has said that he writes songs to make himself feel better when he’s feeling the blues. In an interview he did with Radio 4’s Kristy Young, Ed Sheraan shared that when he’s feeling down, he writes songs about it, and he feels better afterward. By doing so, he at least gets a positive experience from a bad one.

Zayn Malik

He is a former member of one of the most famous boybands of the past decade, One Direction. He has since ventured on a solo career while dealing with mental health issues. To a certain degree, that has been a hindrance to his pace. He has even canceled some of his live shows because of it. In an interview that he did with DJ Elvis Duran, he shared that it is fun for him to look back at his experiences, whether good or bad and just make sense of them. He then went on to say that when he writes songs, it relieves him of stress and that his fans should give songwriting a try as a stress reliever.

Rita Ora

Rita says that she has learned that keeping a degree of honesty is as important as being creative. In an interview with Notion Magazine, she shared that being open goes a long way in songwriting. She learned that being vulnerable isn’t always a negative, especially when writing music.


Adele is easily one of the most successful musicians of the past decade. Her astronomical rise to fame has seen her win a total of 15 Grammy Awards to her credit. It is no secret that the British singer-songwriter has sung songs of the troubled heart. In one of her interviews with The Guardian, she shared that writing her song, Send My Love (To Your New Lover), has helped her mend her broken heart. She further explained that you only learn to in love again when you fall in love again