The Most Hilarious Bloopers From The Last Decade

When you’re elbow-deep in popcorn at your local movie theater, it’s easy to forget just how much work goes into making a film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the average length of a Hollywood film has increased over the last decade. Still, we only see a fraction of what’s captured on film. A scene that could only be seen for a few seconds on-screen might have taken several hours to film. The reason for the delay isn’t always due to technical difficulties or financial planning setbacks.

Actors, just like the rest of us, make mistakes. When you’re delivering lines meant to make an audience laugh, it’s not always easy to keep a straight face. Still, as fans, we enjoy nothing more than watching our favorite stars laugh. The decade of the 2010s generated a slew of hilarious gag reels, and we’ve compiled a list of the best for you. Let’s take a look back at the most hilarious movie bloopers from the last ten years.

R-rated Deadpool roast by T.J. Miller

Ray William Johnson, a former YouTube star, encountered T.J. Miller on many occasions at the height of his fame. The actor seemed to be a machine when it came to delivering jokes. “Getting him to quit doing bits was a struggle,” Johnson said. When Miller sat down opposite Ryan Reynolds to film a scene for 2016’s Deadpool, he was in fine shape. In the critically and commercially successful superhero film Weasel, the former Silicon Valley star made good use of the film’s R-rating by hurling a certain degree of insults at its hero.

According to Miller, Reynolds is a natural at improvisation, and he gave as good as he got during their exchanges. “It just got more and more hateful,” Miller said, before adding, “It was very… heavy duty.”

Star-Lord challenges Ronan to a dance-off

Guardians of the Galaxy surprisingly hit a box office success for Marvel Studios, which had yet to venture into the cosmic realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The aesthetic and fun that the credit film brought to the table were well received by audiences, brightening the mood significantly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier. According to the joke reel, the actors had as much fun making the film as we did watch it, and it turns out that one of the movie’s standout scenes provided one of the best bloopers.

In the final cut, Ronan the Accuser is challenged to a dance-off by Peter to steal enough time for his comrades to destroy the radical Kree’s Warhammer and release the Infinity Stone inside. However, in one take that didn’t make it to the final film for obvious reasons, Ronan actually accepts Star-challenge, Lord’s, and the dance-off commences. James Gunn knew that he’d captured a unique moment in the film when all this went down.

In this Avengers blooper, Thor can’t catch his hammer

There’s an epic degree of excitement in seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes come together on screen if you’re a Marvel fan. Still, this classic blooper from 2012’s The Avengers reminds us that, as serious as the stakes appear to be, it’s all fun and games on set. The Avengers gag reel, which was included as an extra on the DVD and Blu-ray releases, pulled back the curtain on Marvel’s first big team-up film. Of course, there were some pretty funny moments on the reel. Still, the one that caught everyone’s attention was Thor failing to catch his Asgardian Warhammer, Mjolnir.

Thor, to his credit, gracefully catches his weapon in the finished film. However, the actor misses Mjolnir in the gag reel and flies past his hand and bouncing off his shoulder. Chris Hemsworth must’ve had slippery hands that morning because the hammer prop just keeps slipping through his fingers as he practically juggles it in slow motion. Of course, you could argue that it would be difficult to catch a hammer thrown from a distance, even if it’s not real, but it wasn’t thrown from space at all.