Top 5 Hollywood Actors Who Have Been in A Hundred or More Movies

When it comes to actors, all of us have our favorites. There are those we remember because of their outstanding performances, while others were memorable because of the sheer number of movies they have been part of! Can you think of a few active actors who seem to be in every film that comes out? One great example would be Samuel L. Jackson, who has starred in numerous blockbusters throughout his long career. He may not always be the lead actor, but he will consistently deliver.

However, Jackson’s prolific career actually pales in comparison when it comes to actors in other industries. Some Bollywood actors, for example, have managed to rack up thousands of film credits to their name! Amazing, isn’t it? On this list, we will be focusing on who in Hollywood has done the most number of movies.

1.Susan Sarandon – 124+ Projects

Susan Sarandon has been working in Hollywood since the 1970s. She has managed to build quite a formidable reputation for herself and has also managed to become a household name. The actress has appeared in over 124 productions, including TV, film, as well as documentaries. While many other actresses have worked in the same field, not all of them can boast of the same degree of success that Susan has achieved.

2.Anthony Hopkins – 125+ Projects

Anthony Hopkins is one of the industry’s most versatile talents. He can portray one of the most cold-blooded serial killers in fiction, then switch to his role as ruler of Asgard. Who can forget his turn as a master swordsman in the film Zorro? It seems as if the actor is an ever-present figure in some of Hollywood’s biggest productions for many of us. Since starting his illustrious career in 1965, Anthony has continued to rack up film credit, which now amounts to over 125!

3.Robert Duvall – 141+ Projects

Movie buffs would be able to name all Robert Duvall projects easily. Some of the most memorable include Apocalypse Now, The Godfather, and Deep Impact. The prolific nature of his work didn’t just lead to film over 141 movie appearances over the years but also plenty of accolades for his performances, which includes his Oscar win! Very few can boast the same degree of success!

4.Samuel L. Jackson – 158+ Projects

He is one of the industry’s most recognizable faces, thanks to the sheer number of films he has been in over the years. The best thing about Samuel L. Jackson is that he works in both big and small productions. Considering investment money is no longer an issue for the actor, he can easily pick and choose roles according to what he’s interested in. So don’t be too surprised if you spot him in a big franchise then an indie film the next!

5.Christopher Lee – 280+ Projects

While Samuel L. Jackson’s career has certainly been impressive, the crown for most movie roles goes to the legendary actor Christopher Lee. It’s safe to say that he has been part of almost every huge film franchise, including the likes of Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings, The LEGO Movies, and Star Wars. His incredible talent and versatility make him an asset to any production he becomes part of. He passed away back in 2015, but he remains one of the most respected and beloved creatives of this generation even today.

With close to 300 film appearances, fans will never forget his investments in the film industry and the legacy he left behind.